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Introduction of Namal Novel:

Nimra Ahmed’s lengthy Urdu novel Namal is full of suspense, terror, and surprises. The word “Namal,” which means “ants,” is taken from the Quranic Chapter “Namal.” Namal was turned into a Hardcover on  Jan 1, 2017.

About the Author of Namal Novel:

Nimra Ahmed is a popular novelist and has become a profile writer. Nimra has written many best-selling novels and gained popularity among readers. Her unique writing style and unique topic selection played an important role in her success. Her novels keep the readers engaged till the end.

Her novels have an Islamic touch and always deliver a useful message to the readers.

Her famous novels include Jannat K Patty, Mushaf, Haalim, and many others.

Summary Of Namal Novel:

Namal novel is based on Surah Namal which means “Ants”.So the novel highlights the weak creations/ members of our society. The story of the book revolves around our cruel society and its lust for power and wealth.

Nimra mentioned how influential people take advantage of their power and wealth against weak people and manipulate even the judiciary system.

The novel’s main characters include Faris Ghazi, Zumar Yousaf, Saadi Yousaf, Hashim Kardar, Hunain Yousaf, and Aabdaar.

Faris Ghazi (lead character) is accused of his brother’s murder and Saadi Yousaf (Faris’s nephew) claims his innocence and brings him out of jail. After proving his innocence, Faris and Zumar got married.

Hashim Kardar ( the unforgettable character) was an influential lawyer who used the judiciary system as a pleasure. Hashim is a clever person who knows how to take advantage of the situation.

As the novel contains 30 episodes and all the episodes are interesting and engaging overall, you will never feel guilty about reading the novel.

If you want to know more about the story of this amazing masterpiece by Nimra, you must read all the episodes.

Conclusion of Namal:

Namal is an interesting and engaging story with many interesting and well-described characters that keep the reader interested until the end.

As always, Nimra described the verses of Surah Namal in an exceptional way and related them to the novel amazingly.

View All Episodes of Namal Novel:

View and enjoy all the episodes of Namal and share them with your friends.

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