Hum Deewane Se

Hum Deewane Se Novel by Biya Ahmed

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Introduction to Hum Deewane Se:

Hum Deewane Se, written by Biya Ahmed, is a short, funny, and childhood marriage-based novel. Hum Deewane Se is Biya Ahmed’s Eid exceptional novel. It is based on a rude hero and an innocent heroine.

About the writer of Hum Deewane Se :

Biya Ahmed is the writer of the story Hum Deewane Se. Biya Ahmed is an emerging talent in Urdu novel writers who have written unique novels. She highlights social issues in her novels. Biya Ahmed is quite famous among youngsters. Biya Ahmed’s famous novels include Teri Berukhi Mere Chahat, Mohabbat Aman Hai, Main Udaas Sham Ka Geet Hun, and many more. 

Summary and Review of Hum Deewane Se:

Hum Deewane se by Biya Ahmed is a short, funny, and romantic novel. She has given it as an Eid Special novel. The novel’s story is based on childhood marriage. The story’s main characters are Heer(female protagonist), Rahim Hassan(male protagonist), Rida, and Faiza Phopo. Heer is an emotional, childish, and innocent girl, whereas Rahim is a decent, mature, and sensible man. 

She always fantasizes about her partner(Rahim Hassan) being romantic as her friend’s fiancee, but unluckily, it doesn’t happen. 

Rahim keeps himself busy at work and is always strict with Rida and Heer about studying.

Heer, who is always interested in gossip, movies, and other things, is interested in something other than studying.

The funniest moment was when Heer and Rida watched a horror movie on the internet late at night, got scared, and then went to Rahim’s room.

Faiza Phopo is another essential character mature enough to listen to Heer and Rahim and advise them.

The most famous dialogue of the novel is “main unki bachpan ki biwi hun,” which is hilarious. 

Sometimes, I feel bored while reading the novel because it is simple and sweet, with no suspense.

Sometimes, I felt Heer was overacting, but still, It was bearable. Once Heer listened to Rahim talking on the phone about marrying someone, she made the story on her own and created a mess in the house.

The end was when their marriage was decided, and Heer learned about Rahim’s romantic personality.

If you want to read a short novel for time pass or fun, consider “Hum Deewane Se.” 

This review is mine. You may disagree with my review; that’s fine.

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Get into the fun journey of “Hum Deewane Se,” written by Biya Ahmed, and share it with your family and friends.

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