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Haalim Novel By Nimra Ahmed PDF

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Haalim Introduction:

Haalim is a novel full of mystery, suspense, friendship, politics, etc. Haalim means” Dreamer”.Haalim got popularity due to its different themes and characters.

Once again Nimra Ahmed successfully captivated her reader’s attention.

Haalim Author:

Nimra Ahmed a well-known Urdu Novel writer is the author of Haalim. Nimra had written many famous and award-winning Urdu novels. She always touches on different topics in her books and delivers a positive message to her readers.

Nimra has captured the hearts of readers due to her relatable characters and her diverse themes. Nimra is an inspiration for Urdu Novel writers to write on different and interesting topics.

Her famous novels include Mushaf, Jannat K Patty, Namal, Maala, and many more.

Haalim Summary and Review:

Haalim is a fiction baased novel.The main theme of Haalim revolves around “time travel”.

Although it’s a fiction story set in modern  Malaysia it includes many lessons. Fateh Ramzal is the male protagonist who is a political leader who wants to change the condition of his country and Taaliya Muraad is the female protagonist who is a con artist. What a strange combination ????

Fateh is a family man having two kids and Taaliya is a divorced girl. She is cool and confident her personality can inspire any girl because she has different identities.

Fateh and Taliya have different lives and different Ambitions. Another main character is Adam bin Muhamad a low self-esteem man who has much more to learn from Fateh and Taaliya and grow in his life.

All three of them share their pain, strength, skills, friendship, and fears. Haalim has many lessons in it and overall the concept of the novel is different and inspirable.

Asra Mehmood is the evil witch who is Fateh Ramzal’s wife. To know Fateh and Taliya’s love story and their ending you must read Haalim.

Conclusion From Haalim:

The main lesson of Haalim is about the stages humans face during growth like insecurities, pain, hurt, self-doubt, and much more.

Haalim teaches us that anything we learn in life even its major or minor will help us we just have to believe in ourselves and learn from our mistakes.

View Haalim Complete Novel:

Immerse yourself in Haalim’s gripping narratives and uncover the secrets that lie within its pages. Get ready for an unforgettable literary adventure as you view the complete ‘Haalim’ novel, where every twist and turn will keep you hooked until the very end.

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