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Maala Novel Introduction:

Maala novel By Nimra Ahmed is a romantic novel with jealousy, black magic, and suspense. It describes how someone forgets their limits when he becomes jealous of someone and even never thinks of his misdeeds and their end.

About the Author Nemrah Ahmed:

Nimra Ahmed is the writer of the novel Maala which is uploaded monthly. She has written many famous novels and gained popularity among young generations through her unique writing style and Islamic touch in her stories, bringing every character closer to you.

Nimra touched on fiction, suspense, thrill, and social issues. Nimra had written novels in a style that she related the described verse amazingly with the character’s life difficulties.

Maala is another masterpiece of Nimra, which includes romance, suspense, magic, and Islamic touch.

Her writing style is improving daily, taking her to the heights of the sky. The way she creates suspense and, at the end of the novel, she reveals everything is amazing.

Some of the most famous novels of Nimra are Haalim, Namal, Jannat K Patty, Mushaf, and many more.

Maala Novel Summary and Reviews:

The story of Maala revolves around a boy named Maahir Farid and a girl named Kashmala(nickname Maala).

Kashmala is a girl with a complex of her pimpled face, and Maahir Farid is a boy who has a complex, incomplete life because his mother left his father and married another man. He lives with his father, a successful businessman, and with a younger brother named Beerbal (the jolliest character in the novel and the most innocent one).

Maala ran an ocean restaurant with her classmate, who deceived her, and then she met a boy named Kaif, who was unemployed for a long time. He receives a job to protect Maala and in return, he will get money more than he imagined. Kaif became a shelter for her; she started liking him. 

Maala sees nightmares and bad things happen in her life due to black magic on her.

Maahir approached Maala in search of his step-sister(Hilal). Nageena, Ziyaad Sultan, Kabeera Begum, and Maahi are other prominent characters in this novel. I will not spoil the novel’s suspense to know the whole story of the book, Read this exciting novel, and enjoy the writer’s great style.

Conclusion from Maala:

As black magic is prohibited, we should never come close to it; otherwise, we will be left alone. As human beings, we make mistakes, but the best one accepts his mistakes and tries to be the best version of himself.

We should face our problems instead of avoiding them and seek help from Allah.

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