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Introduction of Jannat k Patty:

“Jannat k patty Novel” is full of love thrill, suspense, love, and different lessons. The novel gained huge popularity among readers due to its powerful characters.

The word “jannat k patty” means hijab. Through hijab, you can cover yourself from every evil eye.

About the Author of Jannat k Patty:

Jannat K Patty is a romantic novel by famous urdu Novelist Nimra Ahmed. As ever Nimra has described the characters of the books differently and amazingly. Nimra has gained popularity through its novel “Mushaf” which was also an interesting story. The most attractive thing about Nimra’s novels is that she keeps the suspense until the end.

Nimra,s writing style is like magic whoever reads Nimra’s novel becomes her fan. She also touches on Islamic topics and relates them with her characters perfectly.

Many other famous novels of Nimra are Haalim, Namal, Paras, Saans Saakin, and Maala.

Jannat k Patty Summary and Review:

The story of the novel “jannat k patty” revolves around two main characters Haya Suleman and Jehan Sikander. Haya is a girl who belongs to a liberal Muslim family and is a student. The story begins when Haya danced at a family wedding and the video of her dance gets leaked. Then she gets terrified and meets Captain Ahmed( whose character is also suspicious). Captain Ahmed helped her in removing her video from the web.

Haya is in Nikkah with her cousin Jahan Sikander from childhood who was the owner of a small restaurant in Istanbul.

Haya applied for a scholarship and finally went to Turkey to meet Jahan Sikander. Jehan is a caring but rude guy.

After going to Turkey haya faced many things that changed her completely. She became an amazing partner for Jahan and left all her bad habits.

Captain Ahmed, Doli, Abdul Rehman Pasha, Baharay, and Ayeshay are the other main characters of this novel.

To know more about these characters and how they had a massive impact on Haya and Jahan,s life must read this novel.

conclusion from Jannat k Patty:

One of the main conclusions drawn from this novel is when you start following orders from Islam 

You may face opposition from your family and friends and even from the people you never expected then if you have a strong belief in Allah no one can shake your faith.

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