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Mushaf Novel By Nimra Ahmed Pdf

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Mushaf Novel Introduction:

Mushaf is an inspirational novel that is full of suspense, love, betrayal, and harsh realities of life. Mushaf means “Holy Quran”  so we can guess that the novel has an Islamic touch in it.

All the events in the novel are fantastically connected with the Quran.

Author of Mushaf:

Nimra Ahmed is the writer of the Mushaf novel. Nimra Ahmed is an influential novel writer. She has written novels that include fantasy and always highlights our society’s issues amazingly and interestingly. She is a Taalib.e.Quran and still doing some Quran and Tafseer courses. Nimra Ahmed has a quality to maintain readers’ interest till the end of her writing cast a spell on readers.

Her famous novels include Jannat k patty, Namal, Haalim, Maala, and many more.

Mushaf Novel Summary and Review:

Mushaf is an inspirational story written by Nimra Ahmed and inspires us to read the “Holy Quran” and understand it.

The story of Mushaf revolves around the character “Mehmal Ibrahim” who is an orphan and lives in a joint family with her mother. Her family members don’t give them the importance or even their legal rights.

The first and interesting turn in the story is when Mehmal meets a black girl at a bus station who gives her a book and tells her to read the book which contains her past, present, and even future. Mehmal takes the book due to curiosity considering it a magic book but in the end, she finds that it is Holly’s Quran.

Mehmal’s life took a turn when a terrible incident happened in her life as a result she met Humayun and Farishty and her life changed completely. Mehamal started reading the Quran, covering her head, and following Islam.

To know the complete story of Mushaf and its ending which is exciting and surprising you guys must read this masterpiece of Nimra.

The conclusion from Mushaf Novel:

One of the most important lessons we get from Mushaf is we should never trust anyone except Allah. We should try to seek guidance because guidance is for those who seek it.

If you are a good person you should never be proud of it because you can be misled by Shaitan anytime.

View Mushaf Complete Mushaf Novel Novel:

View and Enjoy Mushaf complete novel save it for offline use and share it with family and friends.

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