Manjhdaar E Ishq Novel By Hina Asad

Manjhdaar E Ishq Novel By Hina Asad

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Introduction to Manjhdaar E Ishq Novel:

Majhdaar E Ishq Novel by Hina Asad, is a short, romantic, and rude hero-based novel. The novel is about love, family, unity, and more. The book has a sweet, simple, engaging storyline that makes the reader happy.

About The Author:

Hina Asad is the writer of the story Manjhdaar E Ishq. She has a unique approach towards readers. She is a romantic novel writer who has written many romantic novels. Her novels are famous among youngsters. Sometimes, she writes a short and straightforward story in which the suspense element is missing.

Hina has written many famous and exciting novels, which include Jugnooun sy Bhar Do Aanchal, Taweez E Ishq, Dil Ny Tum Ko Chun Lia Hai, Chaand Aasmano sy laapata hai, Jaan E Maan and many more.

Summary and Review of Manjhdaar E Ishq:

The novel Manjhdaar E Ishq is a short romantic story that revolves around a boy named Bashar Hafi(male protagonist), a businessman. Hafi has a sister named Dua and a stepbrother named Faris. Hafi’s father left her mother and married a woman named Maryam. Both of them died in an accident, and Hafi’s stepbrother, Faris, came to live with Hafi’s mom.

Whatever Hafi’s father did had a significant impact on him, and he started hating women.

Atufaltjannat(nickname Atufa) is the female protagonist who goes on a college trip, and due to a bad incident that happened to her, she loses her friends and her troop. After facing some circumstances, she met with Hafi’s mother, who was a kind lady. She took Atufa with her after listening to all that happened to her. Atufa, who didn’t remember numbers and addresses, could not find her house.

Sadia Begum (Hafi’s mother) takes care of Atufa and considers Atufa her daughter. Afterward, she lives there, and Hafi is the one who never likes her presence. But After some time, when he knows what happened to Atufa, he got a soft corner for her.

After living in the same house, Hafi starts liking Atufa and expresses his emotions in front of his mother.

When Hafi’s mother knew about his feelings, she talked to Atufa, and finally, they got married. Their life after marriage was quite romantic and beautiful.

After their marriage, the main twist occurs in the story, and they lose each other.

I will not spoil your suspense to know the whole story. Consider reading Manjhdaar E Ishq By Hina Asad. Overall, the novel is engaging and entertaining, with a short story. Some scene includes Indian drama scripts. As I said, this is my opinion about the book. You may have a different review.

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