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Jugnooun Sy Bhar Do Aanchal Novel – Hina Asad [Seasons 1 & 2]

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Introduction to Jugnooun Sy Bhar Do Aanchal:

Jugnooun Sy Bhar Do Aanchal novel is a sweet, simple, family-based romantic novel. It represents a family’s bond between siblings, joy, happiness, hardships, and much more.

Hina Asad, Author of Jugnooun Sy Bhar Do Aanchal :

Hina Asad is the writer of the Novel Jugnooun Sy Bhar Do Aanchal. She is a new writer who has written many romantic novels. Her famous books include Jaan. E. Mann, Tum Rooh ki Khwab Gaah, Manjhdaar E Ishq, Taweez E Ishq, Mere Preet Amar Kr Do, and many more.

Summary and Review of jugnooun Sy Bhar Do Aanchal:

Jugnooun sy Bhar Do Anchal is a long family-based novel. It consists of 2 seasons. Hina Asad has explained the family and bond between siblings amazingly. 

The Novel revolves around the Khan Sahab’s family. The Khan sahib family consists of Three sons(Zaryar, Zangeen, and Zamary) and a wife. 

All of them are living together happily and peacefully.

All three sons of Khan Shah are good-looking. One of Khan Shab’s friends asks him for help. He told him(Khan Shab) to pick up his daughter from the station and take her with him safely to his home because his daughter was in danger.

After that, khan Shb married one of his sons to his friend’s daughter secretly (he didn’t even tell his wife), and in an accident, he(Khan Shab) died.

After that, their happy family got scattered. All three sons became the strength of their mother.

Because some incidents happen in their life and significantly impact their life. Some other characters are Yumna, Sheheryar, and Bisma. 

Although the Novel has no suspense and is straightforward, it is a family novel with a fun element. So it is a sweet, simple, and romantic Novel.

As I always say, this is my opinion; you may have a different view.

If you want a family-based romantic novel, consider jugnoon sy bhar do aanchal by Hina Asad.

View Jugnooun Sy Bhar Do Aanchal Complete Novel: 

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