Taweez E Ishq Novel

Taweez E Ishq Novel By Hina Asad

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Introduction to Novel:

The novel Taweez E Ishq is a romantic novel. It is based on an I.S.I. hero and a simple girl from a backward area who was given as a wani to the leaders of her area. The novel describes friendship, fraud in relations, love, and much more, with a fun element.

About the Author:

Hina Asad is the writer of Taweez. e.Ishq novel. She is a romantic novel writer. Hina Asad has written many Urdu novels, and she is popular among young readers.

She has a unique writing style. Hina highlighted the worst ritual of backward areas in her novel.

Her famous novels include jugnooun se Bhar do aanchal, Manjhdar E Ishq, Tum Rooh ki Khwabgah, and many more.

Taweez E Ishq Novel Summary and Review:

Taweez E Ishq is a romantic novel by Urdu Novel Writer Hina Asad. The novel revolves around the family of shujaat Chaudry, who has two sons, Shehyar Chaudhry and Dilawar Chaudhry, and a daughter, Dar E Maknoon.

Shehryar Chaudhry has two sons, Jaan E Aalam(male protagonist )and Alyan and Zaryan.

Jaan E Aalam is an independent and decent person, whereas his stepbrothers Alyan and zaryan are irresponsible and enjoy their elder’s money.

Their family is leading an area in which they make decisions for people. On the other hand, Sohni(female protagonist) lives in the area under Shujaat Chaudhry’s family.

Once, Zaryan misbehaves with Sohni when she is going back to her house with her younger brother Ali. Zaryan and Ali get into a fight, and Zaryan gets killed on the spot.

As a result, Sohni went with Alyan(who was married to Arooj in childhood )as a wani. Dar E Maknoon(Ryan’s aunt) forces Sohni to do all the house chores, and Alyan always stares at Sohni and wants to use her.

Jaan E Aalam, who is a son of Wani (his mother Haya was also a woman who was married to his father in revenge for a murder), always feels pity for Sohni.

Once, a terrible incident happened, and Jaan E Aalam married Sohni.

He takes Sohni with him, and Sohni falls in love with Aalam, an I.S.I. agent. Alyan searched Sohni everywhere, and finally, he found her and shot Aalam in anger.

Omer, parsa, Saleh,arooj, Faiza, Saad, and Noor are the other main characters.

All the characters have their importance, and the novel has three other love stories other than Aalam and Sohni.

If you want to know the whole story, read Taweez E Ishq’s novel by Hina Asad.

As the overall novel is excellent and entertaining, you can consider it for reading.

Read online Taweez E Ishq Complete Novel:

Read Taweez E Ishq, a Novel By Hina Asad. Share it with your family and friends and save it for offline use.

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