Hisar E Yaar

Hisar E Yaar Novel By Rabia Khan

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Introduction to Novel:

Hisar E Yaar, a novel By Rabia Khan, is the story of two innocent souls who face so many hurdles to acquiring love. The novel highlights the themes of social evil, injustice, our society’s fake standards, the battle for survival, and much more. 

About the Author Rabia Khan:

Rabia Khan is a famous Urdu novel Writer who has written many novels of different genres. Rabia mostly writes on social issues, suspension, and romance. She has a Facebook page and posts updates on it.

Her famous novels include Azazel, Kahaf, Lahaf, Dhanak, Hum or Tum and many more. 

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Summary and Review of Hisar E Yaar Novel:

The story of Hisar E Yaar novel revolves around an illegitimate child, Wali Ahmed(male protagonist). Zaman Ahmed found Wali on a Mosque stairs and raised him like his own son. Zaman has three kids: Bakhtiyar, Mukhtiyar, and Amal (female protagonist). Wali faced so many things in his childhood which destroyed his personality. He had a nightmare and couldn’t sleep peacefully. Wali was in search of his father, but when he found his father, his condition became miserable. 

Wali is an obedient, sincere, confident, and reliable son for Zaman. 

Zaman and Zamani begum love Wali like their own son and never get worried about his pain. Mukhtar and Bakhtiyar get jealous of Wali and consider that Wali took away their parents from him. 

Amal, who is younger than Wali, started getting attracted to him in her childhood. Amal never noticed the injustice with Wali. She felt sympathy for him. Amal is an innocent and confident girl. She knows how to fight for justice and knows how to draw a line. 

No one knows about Amal and Wali. Wali aims to take revenge on those who made him become the cause of his suffering. 

Najia, Shazia, Hashim, and Hussain are the negative characters of the story. 

The overall story was excellent and worth reading. I felt sorry for Wali because he suffered for everything he never did. I wouldn’t say I like the double standards of our society, which always punish those who are weak. 

But as I always mention, that’s my opinion about the novel you may have a different view. 

If you are interested in the Amal and Wali story, then consider reading the novel Hisar E Yaar by Rabia Khan. 

Read Online Hisar E Yaar Complete Novel:

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