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Behad Novel By UL Khan

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Introduction to Novel:

Behad, a Novel By UL Khan, is a romantic tale of two souls who got separated just because of a misunderstanding and live their lives in severe pain.

About the Author UL Khan:

UL Khan is a new writer who has yet to write many novels. She has just started her career, and she is gaining popularity through her writing. Some Of her novels are Muhlik and Halq E Zeest.


Summary and Review of Behad Novel:

Behad is a romantic novel that revolves around Zarmeena Orkazai (female protagonist), who is a college student with three friends, Arshiya, Wisha, and Afnan, as best friends. Zarmeena has a brother, Burhan, who lives in Dubai for his studies. Zarmeena is a girl full of life and knows how to enjoy every moment. 

Orhan (male protagonist) is a handsome ASP boy. He is a responsible man. Orhan is a mature man who smiles rarely. 

Zarmeena and Orhan encounter when Orhan goes to receive his friend Ibtasam’s sister from her college. Orhan is attracted to Zarmeena and wants to be her friend. Zarmeena, who was a college student and seven years younger than Orhan, couldn’t understand his intentions and became his friend. They started chatting on the phone and shared everything. Gradually, Zarmeena also started loving Orhan. But Orhan, who gets busy with his studies, ignores him often. Zarmeena gets hurt by his behavior. 

The story took an interesting turn when she heard him talking to his uncle, saying that he was not interested in any girl. Zarmeena broke down and left orhan. She left her house and changed her number.

Orhan was really flirting with her? Or did Zarmeena misunderstand? Will Orhan be able to clarify everything? 

Overall, the novel was ok, and Zarmeena should give him the chance to explain everything. She did everything in a hurry. She should believe him once. To some extent, she was right. 

That’s my opinion about the novel. You may have a different view. 

Some of the other stories discussed in the novel are Palwasha and Ibtasam and Ayesha and Burhan. 

To know the complete story of Orhan and Zarmeena, consider reading the novel “Behad” By UL Khan. 

Read Online Behad Complete Novel:

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