Aab e Hayat Complete Novel By Umera Ahmed

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Aab.e.Hayat Intro:

Aab. e.Hayat is the sequel of Peer.e.kamil, the most famous novel of Umera Ahmed. Aab. e.Hayat means “water of life.” It is a Persian word. The novel follows the story of Imama and Salar’s problems after the wedding.

Author Of Aab.e.Hayat Novel:

Umera Ahmed, a famous Pakistani author, Novelist, and playwriter, is the writer of the novel Aab. e.hayat.

Umera worked hard to gain fame. She started by writing short stories and then moved to writing novels. Luckily her hard work paid off, and now she is a well-known Pakistani writer.

Umera has a great fan following on social media. She has written many Pakistani dramas and won many awards for her amazing writing style.

Her famous novels include Alif, Peer.e.Kamil, Lahasil, and Shehr. e.Zaat and Amar Bail.

Summary Of Aab. e.Hayat Novel:

The novel starts where the story of Peer. e.Kamil was left off with Imama and Salar’s after-marriage life. The novel revolves around the theme of problems they face after marriage, self-discovery, and the pressure of society on us.

The novels describe how Imama initially makes Salar’s life difficult, but Salar bears all these behaviors with patience as he loves Imama so much.

They face many problems and stay together, and their bond strengthens.

Umera highlighted the “Sood(interest)” issue and its impact on the common person’s life. Imama efforts to make Salar realize that sood is haram. The writer also mentioned the importance of family bonding and how any woman can make their family proud by being a homemaker.

Jibreel, Anaya, Hameen, and Raeesa are Salar’s and Imama’s children.

Overall the novel is interesting and has many sensitive issues discussed in it. If Salar is your favorite character like mine, then you must read this novel.

Conclusion From Aab.e.Hayat:

As a married couple, we should have a lot of patience, effort, and understanding to make our marriage life work. Even if two people love each other, they will face unexpected situations.

The other main conclusion is that if your heart is satisfied with anything you are doing and your partner is with you can win the whole world even if your families are against it.

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