Tery liye hai mera dil novel

Tere Liye Hai Mera Dil Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

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Introduction to the novel:

Tere Liye Hai Mera Dil Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq is a novel that highlights a girl’sgirl’s difficulties and determination when she is born into a family in our society, which consists of many daughters.

About the Author Farhat Ishtiaq:

Farhat Ishtiaq is a writer and author who is famous for her writing style. She has written many amazing stories and screenplays and gained many awards. She has written many notable books, including Mata E Jaan Hai Tu, Dayar E Dil, Humsafar, Wo Jo Qarz Rakhtay Thy Jaan pr, Dil Sy Nikly thy Jo Lafz, and many more.

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Summary and Review of Tery Liye Hai Mera Dil:

The most essential characters of the story are Ujala (the female protagonist), Awais (the male protagonist), and Mubashir Lodhi(Awais’s grandfather). Ujala is a girl who belongs to an abnormal family and ever faces the ignorance of her parents because she is the third daughter of her family, whereas her parents wanted a son. She was ignored due to her twin brother Saad because he was the only son. She was sent to her grandmother. Ujala’s grandmother raised her, and after her death, she was sent to her family.

She never got mixed with her siblings, and she had different views. She became hopeless and depressed, and then she met with Mubashir Lodhi, and they became friends.

Then, she started visiting Mubashir Lodhi’s house. She met Awais, and they developed an understanding with each other and became friends.

Awais is a famous businessman. He is a mature and sober boy. He talks nicely with those he is close to him.

The story was good; the characters were explained very well, and the writer engaged the readers until the end.

As ever, Farhat won my heart and wrote an incredible story with a fantastic storyline. I like the character of Mubashir Lodhi because he won my heart. He was an intelligent man with many characteristics and years of experience.

If you are interested in Ujala and Awais, you must consider reading this short” novel,  “Tere liye hai mera dil, by Farhat Ishtiaq.”

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