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Sanwal Yaar Novel By Maheen Sheikh

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Introduction to the Novel:

Sanwal Yaar Novel is a romantic novel that revolves around the themes of age difference, cousin marriage, hatred, jealousy, and much more. Maheen highlights a significant issue in our society through her novel.

About the Author Maheen Sheikh:

Maheen Sheikh is an Urdu novel writer who has gained fame among young readers through her writing. She primarily focuses on family norms, and social issues, and explores love and culture. Maheen’s emotional storytelling captivates readers’ attention. Apart from “Sanwal Yaar,” she has written other novels as well. She began her writing journey on Facebook and later collaborated with various monthly digests. Some of Maheen’s other novels include “Mohabbat Momin Hai,” “Waris,” and “Qalb.”

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Summary and Review of “Sanwal Yaar” Novel:

“Sanwal Yaar” is a family-based novel that mainly revolves around two characters: Bareera (Female Protagonist) and Mustafa (Male Protagonist). Bareera and Mustafa are cousins who live under the same roof but don’t like each other. Mustafa is an irresponsible man who doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. He is handsome and proud of his appearance. On the other hand, Bareera, who is five years older than Mustafa, is a decent and responsible girl. She takes care of everyone and excels as a brilliant student.

Barrera faces criticism due to her dull complexion from every proposal that comes her way. Mustafa constantly irritates her and taunts her about her skin color. However, the story takes an interesting turn when Bareera and Mustafa marry.

Other highlighted characters in the novel include Shahnawaz Sahab, Umer, Siraj Shab, and Zainab.

Maheen attempts to shed light on a serious issue prevalent in our society: many girls face criticism like Bareera and get rejected due to their skin color. We should consider other emotions and refrain from hurting anyone, as the Creator made us the way we are, and no one has the right to criticize us.

Remember that this is my opinion about the novel; you may have a different view. To know the whole story, I recommend reading it.

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