Rog Ese Bhi Gham e Yaar Se Lag Jate Hain By Daneen Khan

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Introduction to Novel:

The novel “Rog Ese Bhi Gham e Yaar Se Lag Jate Hain” by Daneen Khan has a sweet, simple but romantic touch to it. Daneen has written the novel amazingly and describes every single character in a very good way.

The main theme of the novel is love, friendship, trust, and bonding between relationships.

About the Author Daneen Khan:

Daneen Khan is the writer of the novel Rog ese bhi gham e yaar se lag jate hain. She is a new writer and is gaining popularity among youngsters for her unique writing style.

She can explain every single character uniquely, and she connects the overall story with the characters amazingly.

Her famous novels include Main Naraye Mastana, Ky Thora Thora Pyar Hoa Tum Sy, and Meehan E Noor.


Summary and Review of Rog Ese Bhi Gham e Yaar Se Lag Jate Hain:

Rog ese bhi gham e yaar se lag jate hain is a novel that explains the story of three friends: Zasheem Haqan Rao(male protagonist), Siyaan Yaseen, and Aswad Haneef, who are university students. Zasheem is a boy with an attractive personality but has an attitude problem. He never talks to anyone except the people who are close to him. SiyaanYaseen Chauhudry who is the son of a minister .He is an emotional person and belongs to a broken family, which had a great impact on his personality. Aswad is the decent one who ever solves the problems. He is an orphan and has a chill personality.

They live like a family with one heart in three bodies. They always support each other same goes for the girls’ group of their class.

In their class, there is another group that consists of three girls: Adeewa Abbas(female protagonist), Ameera, and Aaera.

Adeewa is a sweet girl who never creates problems. She belongs to a middle-class family and loves her family. Ameera is also a simple girl, but Aaera is the one who never keeps quiet, and she never gets tired of quarrels.

The writer has beautifully described their student life two groups are always opposite to each other. The main story starts when they meet in their practical life.

Many incidents happen after they meet up, and all of them face difficulties they fall in love, they face their fears and overcome them.

TT are the most important and jolly characters in the novel. How can I forget to discuss them?TT means Talha and Tuaha who are the twin brothers of Zasheem.

Leena is the only negative character in the novel. Overall, the story was good and interesting. But as I say that’s my opinion about the novel, you may have a different view. If you want to read a funny, entertaining novel with romance you must consider reading Rog Esa Bhi Gham E Yaar Sy Lg jate hain By Daneen Khan.

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