Mere tanhai mere Jaan py Bani Hai Saiyan Novel

Mere Tanhai Mere Jaan py Bani Hai Saiyan Novel by Areej Shah

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Introduction to Novel:

Mere Tanhai Mere Jaan Py Bani Hai Saiyan is a short romantic novel written by famous Urdu novel writer Areej Shah. The story highlights love, trust, friendship, and sacrifice in relations.

About the Author Areej Shah:

Areej Shah, a well-known name in Urdu Novels writer, was born in Lahore. She has a fantastic ability for storytelling. Her unique writing style captivates readers’ attention and casts a spell on them. Areej Shah gained popularity among youngsters and elders. She highlights many social and political issues in her novels.

Her famous novels include Ishq, Tum Zeest ka Hasil ho, Ek Lafz Ishq, Rooh E Yaaram, and many more.

Summary and Review of Mere Tanhai Mere Jaan Py Bani Hai Saiyan Novel:

Areej Shah is the writer of the story Mere Tanhai Mere Jaan Py Bani Hai Saiyan. It is the story of two lovers who love each other and want to be with each other but face many challenges.

The story revolves around two main characters, Irtaza(male protagonist) and Roshany (female protagonist). Irtaza and Roshany are cousins, having an age difference of 11 years.

Roshany lives with Irtaza’s family after her mother’s death, and her father left him for his business and lives in Turkey.

The story starts when Roshany comes back to Pakistan to divorce Irtaza because she decided to marry someone else.

Irtaza loves Roshany so much and always keeps her close to him. He is so possessive about Roshan and never allows her to talk to anyone or play with anyone.

He always decides what to wear, eat, and where to go for Roshany. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he was obsessed with Roshany. Sometimes, Roshany gets irritated with his behaviour.

Roshany and Irtaza married when Roshany was 16, and both were happy together.
But like every story, someone was not pleased to see them happy together.

So, as always, the story has a twist that results in a misunderstanding between them, and they get separated.

Some other characters in the story are Tanzeel, Kinza, Rukhsana Begum, and Ahsan Sahab.

Irtaza’s character was quite irritating. He always treated Roshany like his property and never gave importance to her choices. In love, it is necessary to give space to others.

But as I always say, that’s my opinion; you may have your own.

To know the whole story and ending, read the novel Mere Tanhai Mere Jaan Py Bani Hai Saiyan by Areej Shah”.


The main conclusion from the novel is that when we live with someone, we should give them a chance to explain. We should listen and trust our loved ones because whatever we see may be incorrect.

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