Mehram E Junoon

Mehram E Junoon Novel by Mahnoor Shehzad

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Introduction to novel Mehram E Junoon:

Mehram E Junoon Novel by Mahnoor Shehzad is a romantic novel based on two lonely souls who find each other and become the happiest couple.

About the Author Mahnoor Shehzad:

Mahnoor Shehzad is a writer who has recently written several novels and gained popularity. Primarily, she has written romantic Novels. Mahnoor has written many romantic novels, including Karb E Hayat, Rag E Jaan, Wehshat E Dil, sakoon E Dil, Mann Bismil, Dasht E Dil, Inteqam, Mehr Un Nisa, and many others.

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Summary and Review of Mehram E Junoon Novel:

Mehram E Junoon is a romantic story of two souls searching for happiness.Zoha(female protagonist) is a girl who has lived with her Father’s family since her mother’s death. Zoha’s Father married and lived with his wife in another country. He never cares about Zoha; she always does the house chores and lives a miserable life. She is being harass and abuse by her family.

Zoha is an innocent and beautiful girl who loves her family but gets hatred in return. She wanted to get rid of her family. The story takes a turn when her aunt comes from a foreign country with her son Oraq(male protagonist), a mature, decent man who considers everyone equal.

Oraq saw her when she was offering Salah, found her really innocent, and got attract toward her. Her Father returned and announced her marriage to one of the men he knew. She was happy to know that her Father made a decision for her but got disappoint when she saw the picture of the man.

Oraq was against this marriage and urged her to raise voice for herself. Zoha refused to talk to him about her marriage. On the day of marriage, she got to know that her Father was marrying her to a man of his age for money, and she was disappointed.

Zoha’s grandmother, an aunt of hers, and Aleeza(her cousin) are the negative characters of the story.

What would Zoha’s decision be now? Would she accept her Father’s decision and marry an older man? Would she raise her voice for herself? What would be the future of Zoha?

Overall, the novel was simple, without any suspense, and the story was not engaging. But as I said, that’s my opinion about the book. To know the whole story of Zoha and Oraq, you must consider reading “Mehram E Junoon’s Novel by Mahnoor Shehzad.”

Read Online Mehram E Junoon Novel:

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