Mata-E-jaan hai tu

Mata E Jaan Hai Tu Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

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Mata E Jaan Hai Tu Introduction:

Mata E Jaan Hai Tu novel is a social romantic story of two souls who introduce you to the joys of life. It is the story of true love, sacrifices, and the difficulties anyone who fell in love can face.

Mata E Jaan is a fantastic love story to read and fall in love with.

About The Author of Mata E Jaan:

Farhat Ishtiaq, the famous novel writer, is te writer of Mata E Jaan hai Tu. She has amazingly penned the story. Farhat Ishtiaq is a novel writer and the best screenplay writer. She has written many famous Urdu novels and screenplays. 

Her famous novels include Bin Roey Ansoo and Humsafar.

Summary and Review of Mata E Jaan Hai Tu:

The story of Mata E Jaan revolves around two main characters, Haniya Sajjad and Ibad Farooq, who are university students.

Ibad Farooq is a simple, lively heart and a brilliant student. In comparison, Haniya Sajjad is a confident girl. 

They met at the University of Columbia accidentally, and then gradually, they fell in love.

Ibad married Haniya against his parent’s will and lived with Her. Ibad and Haniya’s love story is one of my favorites, especially after Imama, Salar, and I fell in love with Ibad Farooq.

After their marriage, the story takes an exciting turn and twists. 

The story seems simple but is more complex than you think. Farhat Ishtiaq has explained the story, its characters, and events amazingly. Mata E Jaan is a short, simple, and loveable novel.

Once you start reading the novel, you can only leave it once it ends. Haniya and Ibad love story is different, and it’s away from all the worldly things and emotions. 

I fell in love with Ibad’s character when I read the novel. You can cry in some scenes alone because anyone can get lost in the depths of novel personalities.

If you want to read a short, romantic, and fantastic novel, consider Mata E Jaan Hai Tu and share it with your family and friends who want to read romantic novels.

Conclusion of Mata E Jaan Hai Tu:

The main conclusion from “Mata E Jaan Hai Tu” is that we should trust our children’s choices at least once. We should give independence to our children to tell us what they want or want to do with their lives. We should keep them close until it’s late and we lose them.

View Mata E Jaan Hai Tu Complete Novel:

Read this mesmerizing novel, share it with your family and friends, and let them fall in love and save it for offline use.

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