Mah E Tamam

Mah E Tamam Novel By Amna Riaz

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Introduction to the Novel:

“Mah E Tamam”  is a novel by Amna Riaz. It’s a story that talks about life, the problems between different ages, and why it’s important to forgive.Mah E Tamam Means “Full Moon”. The book mostly shows us how a father and son get along, with some funny parts too. Amna has written this book in a way that’s easy and nice to read.

About the Author Amna Riaz:

Amna Riaz is a well-known writer who writes stories in Urdu. People like her books because they are fun to read. “Mah E Tamam” is one of her best books. She wrote it with a bit of humor and talked about problems we see in society. Amna has written about many things, like problems in society, how families get along, and love stories. Her books are always good to read. Some of her famous books are “Dasht E Junoon,” “Sitara E Sham,” “Mohabbat ka Sakoon,” and “Yeh Sham Dhal na Jaey.”

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Summary of Mah E Tamam Novel:

The story of “Mah E Tamam” is about four main people: Shifa, Taqi, Sameer, and Samar. Shifa(Female Protagonist) is a girl who lost her parents when she was young.

She lives with her brother Umair, who took care of her like she is his daughter. Umair’s wife doesn’t like Shifa and tries to make Umair think badly of her.

She wants Umair to send Shifa away. Samar, who is Shifa’s old friend, knows this and always tells Shifa to be careful.

But Shifa trusts her brother’s wife and doesn’t listen to Samar. Taqi (Male Protagonist) is a boy who wants to be an actor. His dad always tells him he’s not good enough, which makes Taqi sad and he tries to stay away from his dad.

They don’t understand each other and end up fighting a lot. Sameer is Taqi’s best friend. He’s like a brother to Taqi and is going to marry Shifa’s best friend, Samar. The story is funny, but it also makes you feel sorry for Shifa. I liked reading about Taqi talking to his dad, even though I think his dad is sometimes too strict.

If you want to read a fun story and find out what happens to Shifa, you should read “Mah E Tamam.”

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