Jaanisaar Novel by Fatima Farooq

Jaanisaar Novel By Fatima Farooq

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Introduction of Jaanisaar Novel:

Jaanisaar Novel by Fatima Farooq, is the journey of those people who never give up on seeking what is right and fair, even when they encounter difficult situations. They remain committed to truth and justice despite challenges. The word Jaanisaar refers to those who are “devoted and loyal.”

About the Author of Jaanisaar Novel:

Fatima Farooq is an Urdu novel writer who has written “Jaanisaar,” as her first novel. She has chosen the category of an army-based hero. Jaanisaar gained popularity, which encouraged the writer to the next part of the novel as “Jaanisheen.” Fatime Farooq can keep the readers engaged and fantastically highlight social issues.

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Summary and Review of Jaanisaar Novel:

Jaanisaar is the story of patriots who prioritize their country more than their own lives. They are ready to sacrifice their family, friends, happiness even everything for their country.

The writer tried to highlight the sacrifices soldiers make so their country’s citizens feel secure. The story of Jaanissar revolves around three soldiers(Sameer, Hadeed, and Azil) of the Pak Army. These three soldiers share a fantastic bond and love each other like brothers.

Sameer is a guy who belongs to an average family and is engaged to his cousin Hania. They love each other. Sameer is the guy who ever smiles and takes care of his family. He always keeps smiling, even in difficult situations.

Azil is the son of a businessman. His father wants him to join his business as he is the only son of his father. Azil wants to join the Pak Army, and he successfully convinces his father.

The other main character of the novel is Zimal, who is the daughter of a Businessman, Meer Shoukat. He is involved in drugs and weapons smuggling. Zimal is the only child he has, and he wants her to marry Zimal’s cousin Haashim. Haashim is his partner in his every evil deed.

Zimal is a shy and innocent girl. She is a true patriot and doesn’t like her family and fiance for their evil deeds.

Haashim always misbehaves with her and also forces her for every deed she doesn’t want to do. The story gets interesting when Zimal leaves her house and family due to their evil deeds.

In the story, you can feel the sadness of the families of those who leave their house, family, and friends just for the sake of their country and work for the success of their country day and night without complaining.

If you want to read an Army-Hero-based novel must consider reading the “Jaanisaar” novel by Fatima Farooq.

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