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Jaan E Mann Novel By Hina Asad

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Introduction to Novel:

Jaan E Mann novel by Hina Asad is a romantic novel.The central theme of the story is childhood love, revenge and after-marriage romance.

About the Author Hina Asad:

Hina Asad, the writer of “Jaan E Mann” novel, is an excellent example for those who write romance novels. She is popular among younger readers for her books, specifically in those who read romance novel stories. Hina has a unique style of writing romance novels.

Jaan E Mann is one of the masterpieces. Her famous novels include Manjhdaar E Ishq, Taweez E Ishq, Jugnooun sy Bhar do Aanchal, Tum Rooh ki Khwabgah, Dil E Raqsam and many more.

Summary and Review of Jaan E Mann Novel:

Jaan E Mann’s Novel by Hina Asad is a romantic novel that includes stories of three men. Ghazan Shah, Muzamil Shah, and Haazib Khan are the centre of the novel.

Ghazan Shah is a bold man. He is a member of an honourable family. His brother was murdered by his opponents, and he married the widow( Sufa) of his brother’s murderer.

Sufa, who spent her childhood with Ghazan, became confused by her marriage with Ghazan. Sufa thinks that she would be tortured with her children in Ghazan’s house because she is a Wani.

She faced so many difficulties in Ghazan’s house and many rude behaviours that she lost all the hope she had in Ghazan.

Muzamil(Ghazan’s cousin) is another highlighted character in the novel. Muzamil married a woman(whose name was Mann) who was older than him and whose marriage was broken at the last minute. The story tells us about the difficulties they faced afterwards and how they lived together.

Another story is about Hazib Khan Khan ( a man who works for Ghazan) and Anaira( who is like a sister to Ghazan). Anaira is a rich and proud young girl who feels proud of her status, cannot control her emotions, and behaves rudely to everyone.

Hazib Khan is a worker in her house, and he got married to Anaira. After their marriage, Anaira faced many situations. The mother plays the villain’s role in the novel.

To know the situation behind all these marriages, their after-marriage difficulties, how they will feel in love and how their relationship grows more robust, you must consider reading the Jaan E Mann novel.

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