Heartless novel by Areej shah

Heartless Novel By Areej Shah

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Introduction to Heartless Novel:

Heartless is a short Romantic Urdu Novel written by famous Urdu writer Areej Shah. The book describes the heart-touching story of two souls who found each other during difficult circumstances. Areej Shah has written the novel beautifully.

About the Author Areej Shah:

Areej Shah, a famous Novel writer, is the author of the story Heartless. She is a talented writer among the new writers. Areej has written many favorite Urdu novels and won the hearts of Urdu novel readers. She is an emerging star among new novel writers.
She gained popularity in romantic, criminal, and hero-based novels. The writer always explains the characters amazingly and highlights social issues in her stories.
Her famous novels include Bandhan Mohabbat ka, Bheegi palkon par Naam tumhara hai, Rooh E Yaaram, Tu Ishq tu Junoon, Mera Sitamger, and many more.

Heartless Novel Summary and Review:

Heartless novel, written by Areej Shah, is a romantic story of an orphan girl and a criminal boy. The story revolves around Daraksham Qayoom Khaleel (male protagonist), whose nickname is Daruk. His father married his mother privately. After his birth, he left his mother and lived with his first wife and kids.

After her mother’s death, Qayoom Khaleel (Daruk’s father) took him to his house but never told anyone about him. Daruk’s father never treated him as his son and never gave him the love and affection he deserved.
His stepmother was a lovely woman.

She always treated him nicely and tried to make him a good person. Daruk started liking her stepmother.
When her stepmother died, she gave him the responsibility of her daughter Rooh(Daruk’s sister).
He always tried to take her away by making money after doing different deeds.

After facing different situations, Daruk became Heartless(as the title declares).
When Daruk was in Dubai, he met a girl named Pareezay Khanzada, an orphan smuggled to Dubai after being kidnapped.
Daruk saved her life coincidentally and found that she was suffering from a disease in which her blood was wrenching day by day.
He took her to a police station to send her to Pakistan, but after some situations, he married her and started liking her.
Some other main characters in the story are Khushi, Rakaish, Yaaram, and Saarim.
Although the story was fine and did not have much suspense, so
I tried to satisfy your curiosity to know the whole story of the novel you should read Heartless Complete Novel.

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