Hararat E Wasal

Hararat E Wasal Novel By Meem Ainn

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Introduction of Novel:

Hararat E Wasal Novel by Meem Ainn, is a Romantic tale of two lonely souls who never found love and affection from their families. The story highlights our hatred in relationships because of our egos.

About the Author Meem Ainn:

Meem Ainn is the writer of the story “Hararat E Wasal.”She is a romantic novel writer. Meen Ainn has written in different genres like thrill, suspense, love, and forced marriage.

Meen Ainn is gaining popularity among young readers. She has the skill to engage the readers until the end.

Her famous novels include TERE ULFAT MAIN SANAM, Love tery Naal ho Gaya, Mohy piya bedardi, Aitbar, Ishq Nachaya Yaar, and many more.

Summary and Review of Novel Hararat E Wasal:

Hararat E Wasal is the story of Dawood Kamal(male protagonist), a man with a dull color. Dawood is the first child of his father, whose Mother died while giving him birth. His father married twice, and his second wife(Faria Begum) gave birth to three boys. Faria never considered Dawood as his son. She ever manipulates his sons Adam, Ashar, and Taalib against Dawood.

Zulaikhan(Female protagonist) is a girl who has lived with his Grandmother since childhood. Her Grandmother raised her and sold her for the sake of money. On her marriage day, she ran away and met Dawood.

The other main story of the novel is of Baasit and Imaan Ahmed. Baasit is a man who fell in love with a poor girl, Imaan Ahmed, who is facing this cruel world, lonely and supporting his sick father. She is a girl with confidence and knows how to protect herself.

Baasit, who is a businessman and travels to different countries, started stalking her and supporting her. Imaan fell in love with her, but her father married a greedy man who abused her after marriage and then sold her to others. Then, she meets Baasit Ahmed again, and their story starts.

The novel was exciting and romantic. The writer has written a book simply and romantically. If you want to read a simple, short, romantic novel, consider reading the Novel “Hararat E Wasal by Meem Ainn.”

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