Dil E Raqsam Novel By Hina Asad

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Introduction to the novel:

Dil E Raqsam is a short romantic novel by romantic novel writer Hina Asad. The storyline of the story revolves around two lonely souls who are hungry for love, affection, attention and appreciation.

About the Author Hina Asad:

Hain Asad is the writer of the story Dil E Raqsam, which is a romantic tale of two souls. Hina has written many famous novels, and she is renowned among youngsters for her unique writing style and different storylines.

She is a newcomer writer who gained fame in no time. She has written several novels, which include rude hero-based, cousin-based, childhood marriages and many different theme-based stories. Her famous books include Jugnuon se Bhar do aanchal, Taweez E Ishq, Manjhdaar E Ishq and many more.

Summary and Review Of Dil E Raqsam Novel:

The story of Dil E Raqsam novels revolves around the family of Salman Raeesani (who is a famous businessman), who has three daughters (shehrzaat,pariya and Wafa)and one stepson (Daram).

Salman Raeesani is a cruel man who gives importance to money; nothing is more important to him than his money. Neelam Raeesani, a socialist, does charity work to show off. Both of them never gave attention to their children.

Wafa (female protagonist) is a shy girl who never talks to anyone and remains lost in her thoughts. She always needs to eat proper meals and care for herself, Whereas Daram(male protagonist) is a confident man and stepbrother of Wafa. When Daram was a child, her mother Neelam sent him to boarding and enjoyed her life. She never cared about her son.

When Daram returned after completing his studies, he saw Wafa and fell in love with her. He started noticing her routine, and he finally proposed to Wafa.

Wafa is the one who is in love with someone else, and she is not mentally stable. She says no to his proposal, but he marries her forcefully.

The other main story of the novel revolves around Pariya and Qalb. Pariya, the elder sister of Wafa (female protagonist), falls in love with her teacher, Qalb.

Pariya always tries to get attention from Qalb, whoever ignores her. One day, Priya does a conspiracy against Qalb, which results in their marriage.

After marriage, what happened with Pariya? To know the whole story, you must consider reading Dil E Raqsam’s complete story.

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