Addict Novel By Zainab Rajpoot

Addict Novel By Zainab Rajpoot

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Introduction to Addict Novel:

The addict novel, written by Zainab Rajpoot, is a romantic, unique, and entertaining story on forced marriage. Zainab Rajpoot has written the story amazingly. She cast a spell on readers with her writing.

About the Author Zainab Rajpoot:

Zainab Rajpoot is an Urdu Novelist who just started her career as a writer and became famous among youngsters due to her unique writing style. She has written novels on different themes and highlighted many social issues. Her fans always wait for her new novels.

Tera Ishq mere Bnadagi novel is the lucky charm of Zainab Rajoot because, after that, she gained a huge fan following.

Zainab Rajpoot’s famous novels include Abar E Diyaar, Ulfat E Ishaq, Mera Ishq Hai Tu, and many more.

Summary and Review of Addict Novel:

Addict is a romantic story of two different persons who are different in status and caste and belong to different societies.

The main story revolves around Shahmeer (male protagonist) and Ezal (female protagonist).

Shahmeer is a boy who belongs to an influential family. Shahmeer is a boy who is irresponsible but intelligent. He uses girls for fun. He never listens to anyone, not even his father.

Ezal is a beautiful girl who belongs to an average family. Ezal’s father works for Shahmeer’s father. Ezal is a loving girl. Her family is her priority.

The story starts when Ezal’s father is begging Shahmeer to forget about his daughter.

Because Once, Shahmeer saw Ezal and wanted to use her for some nights. The story took an interesting turn when Shahmeer kidnapped Ezal on her marriage day, and her father committed suicide.

Their pictures went viral on social media, and everyone considered it a love affair.

Shahmeer marries Ezal forcefully, but Ezal hates him and decides to avenge Shahmeer.

Shahmeer always tries to get close to Ezal, but Ezal constantly mistreats him. Ezal doesn’t know about her family after being kidnapped, and she doesn’t even know about her father’s death.

Ezal always tries to escape from Shahmeer’s house but fails. One day, Ezal gets a chance to escape from Shahmeer’s house, and she runs away.

The novel was quite romantic and didn’t have any suspense or thrill. Some scenes don’t even make any sense.

But as I always say, that’s my opinion. You may have your view.

To know the whole story of Addict, read the Addict novel by Zainab Rajpoot.

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